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2017 Events
13th Annual Meeting Of The Northern Colorado Chapter of UNA-USA
         -Where: Chirst Methodist Church.
         -301 E Drake RD, Fort Collins CO.
Feburary 25, 2017
Board Members Pot Luck
 March 06, 2017
Celebrate UN Day
        -Where: The Coloradoan Meeting Room
  October 22, 2017
UNA Program- UNA Northern Colroado will present "Veterans for Peace"
       -Where: The Harmony Library
 November 19, 2017
 UNA Event
Clebrate Human Rights Day and HONOR the 2017 NoCO Humanitairan of the Year, Dr. Brett Bruyere
        -Where: Council Tree LIbrary
             2733 Council Tree Ave, FTC (In FRont Range Village on E. Harmony)
 December 10, 2017
Celebrate Human Rights Day with us and Participate in a SILENT AUCTION FUNDRAISER
        -Where: UNA NoCO Human Rights Day Program
                      Council Tree Library
                      2733 Council Tree Ave, Fort Collins
                      (In Front Range VIllage on E. Harmony)
 December 10, 2017